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GBC Continuing Education
McMullen Hall Rooms 121 and 123, Elko Campus
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GBC Continuing Education

Continuing Education offers classes taught by skilled and talented members of your community for personal enrichment, job skills enhancement, and just plain fun! We also provide lifelong learning and workforce development opportunities to our community through diverse educational, cultural, and social activities and programs.

You can enroll in GBC non-credit, personal enrichment courses using our website! No application for admission is required! Simply create a customer profile and add a class to your cart, much as you do when shopping online. Join us soon for a variety of interesting classes and incredible travel experiences!

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Paralegal Studies Certificate

Paralegal Studies graphic.Our paralegal studies certificate is comprised of ten classes (detailed below), five in the fall semester and five in the spring semester, taught by Zane Negrych, JD. Paralegals serve as a vital link between the law firm and its clients, the office of opposing counsel, and the court system. They do just about everything an attorney does except give legal advice, set fees, and represent clients in court.

One of the most attractive aspects of the paralegal profession is the range of potential employment opportunities. With your paralegal certificate, you may work for:

  • Private law firms
  • Government agencies
  • Corporations
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • The court system
  • Insurance companies
  • Bank trust departments

Fall Classes

  • Law Office Management: This course presents a holistic view of the inner workings of traditional law firms, large and small, as well as public and in-house legal offices. Emphasis is placed on the role an effective paralegal plays in the logistical aspects of the practice of law.
  • Tort Law: This class will cover substantive tort law emphasizing concepts applicable to negligence and intentional torts including personal injury, strict liability, and product liability.
  • Legal Research and Writing I: This course provides the participant with the basic skills necessary to research legal authorities and secondary sources utilizing print, CD-ROM products, and on-line resources. It introduces the student to the analysis of factual situations in conjunction with controlling law. Instructor utilizes a practical approach in teaching the fundamentals of preparing common legal documents and forms, inter-office memorandums, research memorandums, as well as letters to clients, experts, and witnesses.
  • Civil Procedure: This course provides an overview of the development of the American legal system and the mechanisms by which a civil claim is initiated and proceeds through Nevada and federal court systems. Also introduces the role of the paralegal in various legal environments. This is one in a series of noncredit paralegal courses designed for those interested in working in the paralegal profession.
  • Legal Ethics and Communication Skills: This course will cover rules, principles and strategies of tactical and interpersonal communication necessary to communicate with and/or interview prospective or ongoing clients and witnesses; communication with individuals from diverse backgrounds with consideration to race, ethnicity, gender, age and special needs; concentration on the ethical guidelines that govern both paralegals and the lawyers that hire them.

Spring Classes

  • Contract Law: The study of contracts will address formation, breach, legality and available remedies.
  • Evidence: This course presents an overview of the fundamental rules of evidence providing the paralegal with the requisite understanding of what types of evidence are admissible in court enabling effective participation in pretrial investigation, discovery, and trial preparation. The course will focus on the federal rules of evidence and state rules of evidence that depart from the federal rules. Important areas of study will include relevance, character evidence, impeachment of witnesses, hearsay, opinion evidence, and admissibility of documents and physical evidence.
  • Legal Research II: Prerequisite of previous paralegal classes required to enroll in this course. Pleadings and motions are the fundamental mechanisms by which lawyers get things done in the course of litigation. The general concepts and requirements of pleadings and motions in a variety of factual and legal contests are presented enabling the paralegal to directly assist the attorney in meeting the needs of the client.
  • Investigation, Discovery, and Trial Preparation: Prerequisite of previous paralegal course completion required to enroll in this course. An in-depth journey through the practice of litigation. Commencing with the introduction of a client's dilemma and culminating with the trial on the client's legal claims. The student will learn the various mechanisms for obtaining, producing, and maintaining evidence relevant to the client's claims and pre-trial planning in accordance with the applicable legal rules and the strategic needs of the trial attorney.
  • Family Law: Prerequisite of previous paralegal course completion required to enroll in this course. Introduces common law and state law related to family matters. Concentrates on the rights and obligations of traditional and non-traditional family members. Divorce, legal separation, community and separate property, custody and support, spousal agreements, termination of parental rights, adoptions, and protective orders are addressed in light of contemporary legal standards.

This is a non-credit, certificate program taught in Elko and offered by interactive video in Battle Mountain, Ely, Pahrump, Wendover, and Winnemucca. Upcoming courses are $219.50 each plus books and materials. A subscription to Westlaw, the online legal research website, is required. Classes are approximately eight weeks long.

For More Information Contact

GBC Continuing Education
McMullen Hall Rooms 121 and 123, Elko Campus
Phone: 775-753-2231 or 775-753-2202
FAX: 775-753-2276

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