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ECE 121
Title:Parent/Caregiver Relationships
Catalog Description: A course designed for child development students in which they can acquire various communication skills to enhance parent/caregiver relationships. Covers interpersonal communication, listening skills, and cooperative problem solving. Newsletters, parent conferences, phone conversations, record keeping, and student data folders will be addressed.
ECE 151
Title:Math in the Preschool Curriculum
Catalog Description: Activities and materials for developing mathematics readiness in the preschool.
ECE 190B
Title:Professionalism in Early Care and Education
Catalog Description: Focuses on professional issues in Early Childhood Education including ethical guidelines and other professional guidelines and standards related to practice; professional organizations and activities;principles of effective leadership and advocacy for young children and for the profession; and relevant public policy at the local, state, and national levels.
ECE 231
Title:Preschool Practicum: Early Childhood Lab (Field Ex
Catalog Description: Working in a preschool setting with young children under the supervision of a master teacher, planning and implementing activities. Practicum will normally be taken during the final year of the child development program.
ECE 251
Title:Curriculum in Early Childhood Education
Catalog Description: This course will consist of methods of planning and teaching curriculum for children three to five years old. Included will be curriculum development, children's play, lesson planning, and daily scheduling. Emphasis on art, science, literature, music, language, blocks, dramatic play, etc. (Formerly ECE 151, Preschool Curriculum)
ECE 262
Title:Early Language and Literacy Development
Catalog Description: Course focuses on the four areas of Language Arts: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Through a hands-on and interactive approach, students will explore the process of combining quality practices with specific materials and strategies focused on language and literacy development. In addition, students will examine the fundamentals of oral language and literacy-rich environments supported by the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are predictive of later success in learning to read and write.
ECE 480
Title:Preschool Supervised Teaching
Catalog Description: Student interns will work in a preschool setting with young children under the supervision of a master teacher while practicing and applying the methodologies gained throughout their Early Childhood coursework. Students will write comprehensive lesson plans based on a literacy project approach support by the Nevada Preschool Standards. These plans will be implemented as each student gradually assumes the role of lead teacher.
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