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Do you like pondering people and their pasts?

Does the question "why do they do that" pop into your mind often?

If so, then the BAIS in Social Science is the degree for you!

The Bachelor of Arts Integrative Studies (BAIS) focuses on four principal learning objectives: critical thinking, writing and presentation, research, and the development of an interdisciplinary knowledge base.

The Social Science emphasis area is multidisciplinary including core course work from anthropology, history, political science, and psychology. Courses in research methods, writing, ethics, and special topic integrative seminars broaden the student knowledge base and hone their communication and critical thinking skills. An internship and independent research course give students the opportunity to explore professional development and apply their knowledge to a specific research project.

The Social Science faculty provide a wide array of courses encompassing broad interests. You can take classes covering the archaeology of Nevada, the Civil War, political behavior, and abnormal psychology. After completing 18 credits of core social science requirements, you will tailor coursework to more specific interests.

Upon graduating, the successful learner will have a skill set that can be applied to a professional career or graduate school. Our graduates have gone on to careers in archaeology, social work, education, counseling, human resources, higher education, and environmental consultation. Others have moved forward in their existing careers with federal agencies, non-profits groups, and mining companies. BAIS Social Science graduates have also successfully entered graduate programs in education, social work, library science, sociology, and law.

Our Students

Many of our students are "non-traditional." They come from diverse backgrounds, many work full time or part time, and many are parents. Great Basin College is committed to providing courses in a variety of time slots and formats to meet the scheduling needs of our students. We believe our student diversity strengthens the BAIS interdisciplinary perspective as it brings many voices to the classroom.

Getting Started

Its easy! If you have graduated from high school, or you are taking college classes, finishing an Associate of Arts or Science degree, or hold one of those degrees, fill out the application form*, and have it signed by one of the advisers listed on the form. Then turn the form over to the adviser, Admissions and Records, or your center director. If you have college credits, please note that your college GPA must be 2.0 (most recent 40 credit hours) to be admitted and to maintain your standing in the program. After your paperwork has been processed, you will be assigned a personal faculty adviser, one that matches your interests and goals.


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Program Faculty

Jonathan Foster, PhD
Program Supervisor, Social Science History Instructor Elko 775-753-2128

Stephanie Davis, MS
Faculty Advisor and Psychology Professor, Elko 775.753.4858

Scott Gavorsky, PhD
Faculty Advisor and History Instructor, Elko 775.753.2122

Danny Gonzales, PhD
Faculty Advisor and Political Science Professor, Elko 775.753.2114

For More Information, Contact

Dr. Jonathan Foster : 775.753.2128, jonathan.foster(a)

Rachel McAnany : 775.753.2244, rachel.mcanany(a)

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