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You will need to know a class's Class Nbr for enrolling. Green shaded classes, if any, have already begun.

NRES 222 SOILS Elko C. Bruno 3 credits 
Fall 2014 08/25-12/12
Tu,Th 11am-12:15pm GLUND 123
In-Person with web
1001-LEC (88886) Lab Fee: $15. Students must attend NRES 223, Thursday Lab 1:00 p.m. - 3:45 p.m in Elko. Internet Enhanced. Prerequisite: Must also be enrolled in NRES 223  
NRES 223 SOILS LABORATORY Elko C. Bruno 1 credit 
Fall 2014 08/25-12/12
Th 1-3:45pm GLUND 102
In-person Instruction
1001-LEC (88887) Lab Fee: $50. Students must attend NRES 222 Tuesday & Thursday, 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. Prerequisite: Must also be enrolled in NRES 222.  
NRES 251 RANGELND MEASURE/MONITOR Elko G. Miller 4 credits 
Fall 2014 08/25-12/12
W 7-9:45pm GGTA 128
In-Person with web
1001-LEC (88892) Lab Fee: $20. Three weekend field trips, TBA. Internet Enhanced.  
NRES 310 WILDLIFE ECOLOGY & MANAGE Internet D. Hogan 4 credits 
Fall 2014 08/25-12/12   Web Based Completely
1001-LEC (89324) Lab Fee: $70. Check syllabus online at beginning of semester. Three field trips required: Saturday 9/13 & Sunday 9/14. Saturday 9/27 & Sunday 9/28. and Saturday 10/4 and Sunday 10/5. Students must be prepared to camp out. Times and location to be arranged. Prerequisite: Must have completed BIOL 190 or BIOL 191.  
NRES 150 FUNDAMENTALS OF PLANT SCI Elko H. Steel 3 credits 
Summer 2014 07/01-08/01
In-person Instruction
1001-LEC (52516) TECH PREP CLASS ONLY!. No room required. No lab fees. Contact Heather Steel with questions.  
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