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Students studying remotely can avail themselves of:

- Live tutoring at rural GBC Centers.

- Remote tutoring through the Academic Success Center via e-mail or SKYPE.

- Placement testing at rural GBC Centers.

- Proctored testing for GBC classes rural GBC Centers.

- Computing help by phone or e-mail from the GBC Helpdesk.

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GBC Classes at a Distance

Distance education classes at GBC earn the same credits, follow the same course outline, have the same learning outcomes, and require the same academic rigor as traditional face-to-face classes.

Internet Classes (WebCampus)

Internet classes, called "WebCampus" at GBC, are very popular. To take classes via the Internet, you only need a working computer and Internet connection (see Getting Started). Location is not an issue. However, Internet classes are not for everyone. A short questionnaire can help you determine if you are a good candidate for Internet classes (or call 775-327-2170).

Internet classes typically adhere to a timetable for the completion of assignments and examinations; unless so designated, they are
not self-paced.

Some regular GBC classes are "Internet enhanced", in that the Internet is used to exchange or submit assignments, take tests, and/or communicate with the instructor or other students.

Great Basin College Online Programs

Great Basin College is "The Gold Standard in the Silver State" when it comes to long-distance education and online education delivery. GBC offers a diverse array of certificate and degree programs that are completely online! For information regarding certificates and degrees that can be completed online, see our Online Programs page!

LiveNet Classes (WebCampus with LiveNet)

LiveNet classes are a special kind of Internet (WebCampus) classes. Like regular Internet classes, LiveNet classes are location independent in that they require only a computer and Internet connection (see Equipment Needs in left menu). They do, however, meet through the Internet at a specific times for class discussions. Students may participate in class discussion on their computer at home or from a Great Basin College computer lab using a special microphone headset available through the college. A 56K or higher Internet connection is required, DSL or cable modem is highly recommended.

Interactive Video Classes (IAV)

IAV classes originate in one facility and are broadcast to one or more other locations simultaneously. Students in remote classrooms interact with the instructor and other students by means of video screens and interactive audio in specially equipped classrooms. IAV classes, then, meet just like other classes. The only difference is that some of your classmates may be in a classroom with you while others are hundreds of miles away.

For instructions about using IAV equipment as a faculty member, consult the following:

Requesting an IAV Class at a Rural GBC Center or Satellite Site

GBC is equipped to offer classes via interactive video at many locations (often local schools or libraries) throughout rural Nevada. Request an IAV broadcast in your community.

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Why Great Basin College

Great Basin College wants to be your choice for higher education. GBC offers associate and baccalaureate level instruction in career and technical education and academic areas. About 4,000 students are enrolled annually online from across the country and on campuses and centers across 86,500 square miles, two time zones, and ten of Nevada's largest counties. We border Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and California. We are GBC!

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