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John Patrick Rice Ph.D. Director of Theatre Great Basin College Phone: 775-753-2240

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GBC Theatre Program

Auditions for She Kills Monsters

The Great Basin College Theatre Program will hold auditions for their fall production of She Kills Monsters, Tuesday and Wednesday, August 28 and 29 at 7 PM on stage in the Great Basin College Theatre. Interested actors will read from the script in a group audition.

The production is open to Great Basin College students and juniors and seniors in high school. High school students must be enrolled in a GBC dual credit course or may enroll in an affordable GBC theatre course or community education course. Details will be provided at the audition.

She Kills Monsters, by Qui Nguyen, is the story of a young woman who is mourning the death of her younger sister. She discovers her sister’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign and travels into the story to meet the sister she never knew. Complete with dragons, ogres and other flying creatures, actors will work with puppets, engage in stage combat and help to create a world above and below the surface of reality.

Guest artists will join the GBC production staff in the creation of the puppets and the sets, providing a unique experience for actors and audiences alike.

The production will be staged October 16 through the 20th. Rehearsals will be held in the evening. For more information contact John Patrick Rice at 775-753-2240 or

Who We Are and What We Do!

The Great Basin College Theater Program has been transforming the American Theatre Experience since 1996. As part of the Great Basin College Arts and Letters Department, students and faculty join together for enlightened experiences of fine arts, humanities, English, foreign language and communication. The programs are critical components of every academic and training degree program offered by the college.

GBC Theatre offers courses in acting, oral interpretation, stage voice, movement for the stage, theatre technology, dramatic analysis and more. Special Topic courses are added to the schedule regularly, generally taking advantage of the specific skills GBC Theatre’s many guest artists and instructors can provide. In the past, courses in playwrighting, armature, effects makeup, Suzuki Movement Training, stage combat and comedy improv have been offered.

As the mission of Great Basin College has expanded, so has its reach. The college service area now includes more than half of Nevada’s seventeen counties, covers 80% of Nevada’s geographical area, and serves five percent of the state’s total population. It’s a big state, and Great Basin College intends to educate it. Using state of the art distance learning technologies, students in even the furthest reaches of Nevada will have equitable access to the opportunities higher education has been providing to their urban counterparts for decades. It requires fierce commitment from the college and creates a tremendous opportunity for the entire state of Nevada.

GBC theatre now offers almost all of its courses using distance-learning technologies. By combining traditional theatre teaching techniques with advanced technologies, students are accessing a learning experience with seasoned theatre professionals that heretofore had not even been conceived. And, what’s more, they are being prepared for the theatre of today. Added to other fine arts and humanities courses already offered with distance technologies, and it is easy understand why Great Basin College is recognized as one of the most efficient and innovative colleges in the state.

For More Information Contact

John Patrick Rice Ph.D.
Director of Theatre
Great Basin College
Phone: 775-753-2240

Why Great Basin College

Great Basin College wants to be your choice for higher education. GBC offers associate and baccalaureate level instruction in career and technical education and academic areas. About 3,800 students are enrolled online from across the country and on campuses and centers across 86,500 square miles, two time zones, and ten of Nevada’s largest counties. We border Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and California. We are GBC!

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